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Tri CIty Trimlight

Tri City Trimlight

Tri City Trimlight

Serving Midland and Surrounding Areas
Tri CIty Trimlight

Tri City Trimlight offers an innovative, patented lighting solution designed for both homes and businesses. Their system allows for the permanent installation of exterior lights, simplifying the decoration process for holidays and special events. With the Trimlight Edge Controller and a user-friendly app, customers can program millions of colors, patterns, and animations to celebrate any occasion. The product is designed to be energy-efficient, with a lifespan of 20-30 years, and it blends seamlessly into the exterior during the day. Trimlight also offers globe, down, and patio lighting options to enhance outdoor spaces year-round.

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Julie Bar

We knew that we wanted professional looking Christmas lights but didn’t want to deal with hassle of putting them up and taking them down every year on our very tall two story home. Jeremy and the entire Trinity Trimlight crew were very professional and were great to work with. They solved our dilemma and now we can light up our home in any color(s) we choose all year round! Whether it be Christmas, New Years, game day, you name it, I can change out the colors/patterns right from my phone (even when I’m away at my cabin). We could not be happier with the results.

Chad Fullerton

Great company to work with! They were very informative and knowledgeable on the product, making the process very easy. They exceeded our expectations, installing on time and the final results are amazing.

Scott Kiernan

These guys are amazing!! First I have to say these aren’t you typical lights, these lights are insane and the level of customization you can do adds a whole new dimension to your every reason, every season lighting. You can change these lights for every holiday you could think of. The system comes with a set of preset lighting choices, but gives you the ability to save personally favorite as new patterns. The color system is awesome, the top section is a set preset of the normal colors, the second section gives you the ability to type in specific RGB codes or fine tune the color with the color wheel. The lights are set in their own trim channel to color match the house. They aren’t noticeable during the day unless you stick your nose on it to look for it. The lights are bright and definitely more than enough to light up your house for any occasion. If you don’t like getting on the roof these lights are for you. No more ladders and crazy peaks, no more jumbled string lights that you can’t get untangled, no mess no stress. These lights can also be hooked up to music, I have not played with this feature much, but I will get to it. The system also comes with a calendar and schedule system that you can set up and not worry about it. Just set and forget it just like those old string lights you thought about putting up. Needless to say I couldn’t be happier about these lights. The only other thing I have to add is that if you want your Dormers or Second Story to run a different pattern consider adding additional controllers. The extra controller that was added for the dormers allows you the ability to make some interesting and creative patterns. The level of service these guys exhibited is amazing and overall the experience was quick and painless. It is definitely worth getting the estimate.

Kyle Gassner

Trimlight Team is top notch. Everything from the initial quote to professional installation was excellent. The house looks amazing at night. Thanks again Trimlight Team!

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