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Tri City Birth Collective

Tri City Birth Collective

Serving Midland and Surrounding Areas

Tri City Birth Collective, located in Midland, Michigan, specializes in providing (DONA International Certified) Birth Doula services and Lamaze Childbirth Education classes to expecting families. Led by Krystal Barnhart CD(DONA),LCCE - the collective emphasizes that doulas partner with you, alongside your medical care team while offering expert physical, emotional, resource, and informational support services during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, regardless of your chosen birth setting.

Tri-City Birth Collective caters to all ranges of birth experiences, from planned natural home births through planned or expected surgical ones, ensuring everyone can benefit from the support of a Doula. Additionally, the collective provides private, in-home childbirth education services, and postpartum care. All services are focused on evidence-based information & practices while providing warm & personalized support for your family. For those seeking comprehensive support and services throughout their childbirth journey, Tri City Birth Collective is a valuable resource.

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Rose B.

Just finished up my four week Lamaze class with Krystal...and I HIGHLY recommend for any first time moms! Not only was Krystal clearly knowledgeable in her field, but her enthusiasm helps to build confidence within your own pregnancy. She gives you the information and sources to help advocate for yourself in what may be an unsure time at both hospital birth or home birth atmospheres. It is a huge comfort to be able to have her as my doula when it comes time birth of our baby.

Amanda S.

My husband and I are so thankful to have had Krystal as our doula. As first time parents we knew there was a lot that we needed to learn- we also knew that we wanted to have our baby in a hospital and oftentimes parents can be coerced into interventions that really aren’t needed. It was such a relief to have Krystal by our side to help explain our options and to have her support no matter what option we chose. During my pregnancy we took part in the childbirth classes that Krystal teaches and we really enjoyed them and learned a lot. Krystal is an awesome instructor and we were never bored in class! It was also nice to be able to use the closet of maternity clothes she lends out to her clients. My labor ended up being very long so I was even more thankful to have Krystal with us throughout it - laboring both at home and at the hospital. She brought her whole toolbox of comfort measures - plus her years of experience. Just her presence was reassuring throughout my labor and birth and in times during contractions when I really couldn’t communicate what I needed or wanted she stepped in and provided counter relief pressure, encouraging words, or a drink/snack when I needed it most. She also was a huge support to my husband throughout the whole process- from bringing his favorite energy drinks to the hospital to stepping in when he was feeling overwhelmed. Her visits postpartum were also just what I needed and she offered reassurance and guidance on any questions we had about our new baby. A doula relationship is so special and I’m so thankful to have had Krystal as mine.

Abby T.

We took the Lamaze classes, and for first time parents, we definitely gained a lot of helpful knowledge & advice! If you're in need of learning all there is to know about becoming a parent, the birthing process, etc., I highly recommend Krystal because she was so good at listening to my needs, answering all of my questions, and giving some of the best advice & recommendations especially since we are first-time parents. thank you so much Krystal, you are a lifesaver!

Alisha G.

I can't believe that families go through labor and birth alone! Having Krystal there with the knowledge of labor and delivery, not only supported me but my husband. Krystal was able to tailor our Lamaze classes to fit our schedule and we felt that we were able take away a lot of helpful information from pregnancy to childcare.

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