Three Rivers Massage & Wellness

Three Rivers Massage & Wellness

312 E Midland St Suite C, Auburn, MI 48611
Business Birthday ๐ŸŽ‰: 10/26/2021

Three Rivers Therapeutic Massage in Auburn, MI, is a sanctuary for those suffering from chronic pain. Specializing in treating conditions such as TMJ, headaches, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and aiding post-surgery recovery, their approach is deeply personalized. They start with a comprehensive intake assessment and continue with massage sessions uniquely tailored to each client’s specific issues. The team’s commitment extends beyond the studio, providing clients with at-home care plans to supplement their therapy.

Clients frequently commend the studio for its professional and effective pain management techniques, often noting substantial improvements in their conditions. Operating from a clean, comfortable space at 312 E Midland Rd, Suite C, Three Rivers Therapeutic Massage offers flexible scheduling to accommodate special appointment requests. Testimonials highlight the life-changing impact of their services, with many clients experiencing reduced pain, improved mobility, and a better quality of life. The therapists, Rochelle and Charlie, are particularly praised for their skilled, caring approach, employing a variety of therapeutic techniques. Their dedication to excellence has made Three Rivers Therapeutic Massage a vital component of the community, leading many to a path of pain-free living.

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Sarah Knochel
Amazing and relaxing place! I have been seeing Rochelle for several years. I can not recommend her enough. I keep myself very active in the gym (body builder) so my body is always very sore and tight. Rochelle does a wonderful job working out all the kinks! She not only listens to what I think is wrong, she can tell by working on my body as well. She uses several different techniques, such as cupping and hot stones, whatever she thinks is right at the time of treatment.
What I enjoy the most is the relaxing enviroment. The room is quiet and dark, unlike when you visit a massage therapist at a salon or doctors office. I don’t have to worry about hair dryers and people chatting in the hallway!

Laura Ornelas
A huge THANK YOU to Rochelle! I have been living with and struggling with chronic pain for many years. Since beginning weekly massages with Rochelle, I have had much less pain, and even have had some days with very little to no pain. She has also recommended some strategies that I can implement at home. I have only had one session with Charlie so far, and he was also amazing and equally professional and caring. The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming. I highly recommend Three Rivers Therapeutic Massage to anyone needing relief from pain.

Nicole Hilliker
Very happy with my experience. She is a great listener, and helped give me a treatment plan vs just trying to sell me.

Jeramie Morris
Charlie did a great job. I have seen him for 5 consecutive weeks. He actively listens and focuses on what you request. He took great notes about each session, which helped coming back the following week. A very good communicator and fixed many troubled areas using a variety of methods.

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