The Rogers Family Wellness Park

The Rogers Family Wellness Park

3611 N. Saginaw Rd


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Google Reviews

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Jennifer Bogel

a year ago

Great new park park! A little bit of everything for anything age here. The way it's set up this park could just keep adding new playgrounds here and there! I did read other reviews and I agree with them..... Needs some trash cans and more seating for sure.

Androgyny Lunacy

5 months ago

This park is amazing, everyone. It has every thing you could ask for. The coolest thing I saw there was the baby swings that also had regular swings attached so you could put your baby in the swing and swing them sitting down. An awesome thing for parents with back/hip/walking difficulties. It is also not too wide open that if your child is a runner it would be hard to catch them. There are some nice daisies growing around the area. My kids loved it and I loved it. I was like a big kid again. So much fun.

Desiree Williams

7 months ago

Both my daughters loved it. Especially the little zip line. 4 separate areas. 2 playgrounds. One for little girls and big girls.2 fitness areas. Seemed like it was aimed more for adults. 1 is currently flooded.

Jeff Buckland

a year ago

Ordinarily I would rate this park 5 🌟s but it has a major safety hazard that really needs addressed. There is a major safety problem with the exercise equipment on the right side of the blacktopped trail. The playground itself the exercise thing sets on is so waterlogged that you actually sink into the ground almost like quick sand little bit it's like a swamp this thing was built on. Please someone alert ⚠️ the people needed to fix that beside who wants to walk in a flood of water when exercising I sure don't. Otherwise a great kid friendly place.

Mouse House

3 months ago

Sweet playground with outdoor exercise equipment that works!

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