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Stephenson Homes & Renovations

Stephenson Homes & Renovations


Stephenson Homes & Renovations: Top-Notch Home Building and Renovation in Midland, MI
Owned by Austin Stephenson, Stephenson Homes & Renovations is a well-known name in Midland, Michigan for top-quality home renovations and building new homes. They are fully licensed and insured, showing they are serious and professional about their work.

They do everything needed to make a home look great. Whether it’s tearing down old parts, putting in new floors, walls, decks, or redoing kitchens and bathrooms, they handle it all. Their work is known for being top-notch, going beyond what you usually expect.

Now, they are also starting to build brand new homes. They bring the same high-quality standards to building new houses as they do to renovating older ones. Their team combines old-school skills with modern methods, making sure homes are not only beautiful but also practical.

Whether you’re looking to update your current home or build a new one, Stephenson Homes & Renovations has the expertise to turn your ideas into reality. They pay close attention to what you want, ensuring your home project in Midland, MI, or nearby areas, turns out exactly how you imagined, or even better!

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Al Guxiang

We had Dennis repaired our house sidings and painted the whole house recently. He was very knowledgeable, professional and responsive. Dennis is clear with his communications and pleasant to work with. He completed the work in a timely fashion with great results that received compliments from many of my neighbors....

Penny Woelfert

Dennis did a great job with our addition rebuild and bathroom remodels. He is easy to work with and charges a fair price. I highly recommend Dennis for any work you may have.

Mike Henkel

Dennis has done massive amounts of remodeling jobs for me, backsplashes, new kitchens, shower tile, roof, drywall, he is a one stop shop. Used him for years and was a no brainer to have him inspect my my home that I purchased. Which he did a full remodel after we...

Chris Holm

Provided a thorough pre purchase home inspection and was accurate on all measures. Had some repairs we had to have completed for insurance purposes and we were so impressed with Dennis we hired him for the repairs. He was timely and efficient getting the work done in a weekend. The...

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