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Midland Local Spotlight Giveaway

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Now Collecting Midland Local Spotlight Giveaways For Next Month!

Normal Midland Local Spotlight Giveaways Starting Again in September!

Follow these steps to win a Spotlight Giveaway

1. Scroll down to The giveaway you want to enter (You can enter multiple).

2. Enter Your Email or Sign In With Facebook.

3. View, Like, Share & More to Make Entires For a Giveaway.

4. The person with the most entries wins and will be notified the following Monday.

5. As a winner, you’ll get a Midland Local Winning Ticket emailed to you that you take to the local business.

Giveaways are live every Monday Morning to Saturday Morning.
Let’s support local and win cool local stuff!

Midland Local Spotlight Giveaways

Normal Midland Local Spotlight Giveaways Starting Again In September!

Spotlight Giveaways Happening Every First Week of the Month

Make entries below every day between
7:00 AM on the First Monday of the Month until Midnight That Following Sunday


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Now Collecting Midland Local Spotlight Giveaways For Next Month!

The WINNER will get a certificate sent to the email used to sign in. A winner is determined the following Monday. Your email must be valid and you must be local to collect the giveaway. By entering, you agree to be contacted by Midland Local and the business whose giveaway you enter.

***Claim Frequency***
No person may claim more than one giveaway within a one-month span.
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Last Week’s Midland Local Spotlight Giveaways

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Midland Local is built by Joe Fernette to support and showcase local businesses and places. View the local businesses that participate and get discounts and specials when you wear your Midland Local gear!

All discounts and specials are managed by each individual business. Please check with each business directly to see if their offer is still active. Midland Local or Joe Fernette have no say over the discounts/specials given at any time. 

Are you a business that wants to participate in giveaways?

We're Glad You're Having Fun!

As a small business owner, I have found Midland Local to be the best place to showcase my business. The frequent giveaways encourage people to check out places they may not have otherwise seen and it’s a fun way to encourage traffic.

Simple Wooden Toy Co

Trudy F.

Awesome local business that helped gain more of a local presence for my business. Rose's Customs will definitely be staying with Midland Local to help support other small businesses grow as well.

Rose's Cast Iron & Customs

Pam C.

We love being part of Midland Local. We have seen an increase of new customers!
Thank you for all you do.

The Coffee Grounds Shoppe

Sharon C.

I absolutely love that I can show my support by finding local businesses using Midland Local. The giveaways are amazing and I love finding new places to explore and try!

Felisha C.

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