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Shier’s Pasties & More

Shier’s Pasties & More

2218 N Saginaw

SHIER’S PASTIES & MORE is a family-owned business in Midland, Michigan. We opened our doors in November 2014 as SHIER’S DELI & CATERING and over the past 8 years we offered a wide range of choices, from deli sandwiches and barbeque, pulled pork and smoked brisket to grilled burritos and tacos, to burgers to our housemade soups and chili. Our menu has changed over the years, but our housemade UP-style pasties have been a part of it from the beginning.

With that in mind, we have recently undergone a change, transitioning from a deli/sandwich shop that had hot pasties once a week to a full-time pasty shop, serving our hot fresh pasties daily, along with some of the favorite signature sandwiches from our deli menu, including our Smokin’ Joe, Hot Pastrami, Marquette County Cudighi, and more.

We’ve changed but we think you’ll like it! Come in and see for yourself.

Free bag of chips with sandwich

Wear Midland Local Gear or Mention Midland Local

This business offers a free bag of chips with a sandwich to anyone who wears or mentions Midland Local when booking a session.

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promote your energy and overall well-being

Being able to have a quick way to get that energy boost is great to have in Midland.

Immune Boost

It's comforting being able to have that immune boost before flu season or before going on a long trip.

Midland Local IV Lounge Sign Address

Local Results

Being able to have something like this outside of traditional medicine right here in Midland, is a wonderful change.

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