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Sawadee Food Truck

Sawadee Food Truck

Serving Midland and Surrounding Areas

Sawadee Food Truck, based in Midland, Michigan, is a popular culinary destination offering unique Thai cuisine. Owned by Santi Proamploy, this food truck serves a variety of traditional Thai dishes, bringing the flavors of Thailand to the Great Lakes Bay Region. The name "Sawadee" means "hello" in Thai, reflecting the warm and welcoming nature of the food truck. Sawadee Food Truck is well-regarded for its fresh ingredients and authentic recipes, making it a beloved choice for locals and visitors alike.

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Anasu Kay

Highly recommend this food truck! rice bowls are a filling lunch. We tried pork dumplings, applepie eggrolls and a Thai iced tea this time. Everything tastes fresh and sauces are excellent. Nice variety of fried treats too!

Karen Thurlow

Enjoy the food every time I find them. Don't drive by. Great value and service.

Katie Pickrell

When I moved to Midland I was missing good Asian food. Until I found Sawadee. They are one of my favorite go to lunches in Midland and the owners are so very nice. Their rangoons are awesome as are all of their other dumplings and spring rolls. Dipping sauces also have excellent flavor and they make a mean thai iced tea! So thankful to have them in our community!

Camie Schloemann

Delicious!!! Super yummy crab Rangoon + sweet and sour sauce. And the shrimp dumplings!!! So good only wish I had more 😋

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