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Pizza Sam’s

Pizza Sam's

102 W Main St

You know us, you love us. We’re downtown Midland’s family-friendly destination for pizza, salads, sandwiches, frosty cold beer, and so very much more. Dine inDelivery, or Takeout.


promote your energy and overall well-being

Being able to have a quick way to get that energy boost is great to have in Midland.

Immune Boost

It's comforting being able to have that immune boost before flu season or before going on a long trip.

Midland Local IV Lounge Sign Address

Local Results

Being able to have something like this outside of traditional medicine right here in Midland, is a wonderful change.

IV Lounge at Lavish Style Studios has been presented with the giveaway badge. 

The Giveaway Badge is given when the business has helped bring the community together and offer goods and/or services for our giveaways here.

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Google Reviews

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David Gill

a week ago

Fast at getting the food out. As in the salad for our table arrived within 3 minutes. The pizza was somehow on the table within 10. Real ingredients, pizza is hand tossed. All very good. Everyone was nice and helpful. Not the first time going. I don't go often. Every time I do this is a great pizza place.

Hannah Villaire

2 weeks ago

This was my first time yesterday, 1/5, and it was delicious! The food came out pretty quick, too! I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried the pesto chicken pizza, and that was phenomenal! I also odered the spinach artichoke dip, and it was probably the best I've ever had, especially the pita chips!

Ella H.

5 months ago

Vegan friendly! I got their Just Plants salad, and although the lettuce wasn’t my fav, it was still pretty delicious. They also have a vegan pizza, which I will have to go back to try.

Johnny Kash

4 months ago

The pizza and bread sticks were excellent! The service was great too.

Michael Dettmer

5 months ago

They said it was going to be an hour, they showed up in 26 minutes! The pizza is loaded with toppings all the way to the edge. We aren't from around here but wish we had this back home. Delivery guy was very good. We will definitely eat this again!!

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