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Nature Niche

Nature Niche

2004 W Wackerly St, Midland, MI
Nature Niche is a Michigan-based retailer who focuses on bringing people closer to nature through nature art and gifts, supplies, and workshops.

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Google Reviews

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D. Segura

a year ago

What a lovely little place! Husband and wife team run the shop. She’s a biologist/naturalist and he designs and cuts amazing steel signs and creations. She gave me some great advice on some native plants for their sale (happening now at the end of August) to bring more early pollinators to my yard and veggie garden. They should not be a best kept secret! If you love gardening and birding, please visit. Also, lots of local art for sale.


11 months ago

What a wonderful shop to discover online! I was looking at information for seed cylinders and found the site for Nature Niche. I decided to place an order for the seed cylinders along with several other interesting items found at their shop. Everything was sent in perfect condition and very fast. I wish I lived nearer to visit the shop in person, but it is wonderful to know that you can shop online and receive great products at fair prices. I hope this store remains available to us for a long time to come. Well done!

Katie Dusablon

3 years ago

Nature Niche has a beautiful and quality selection of indoor and outdoor items. They are knowledgeable as it relates to all the nature questions I asked, such as which type of birdhouse I should purchase and placement. I also purchased a puzzle and indoor decor items. Pricing was very reasonable. I can’t wait to go back and see what seasonal items they have!

Sidewinder Steve

3 years ago

Beyond amazing selection, and customer service!!! Not to mention that if they don’t have something in stock, or just don’t carry it at all Martha or Brian will gladly help you find what you are looking for, and tell you if they can order it or not. Next item well worth mentioning is their metal work items! Brian has an amazing selection of items that he tries to keep in stock on a regular basis, but he can also work with you to make custom metal work pieces too!!! Over all 5 stars is the best rating I can give, but words alone can not describe the beyond amazing level of customer that Nature Niche provides!

Kari Groh

2 years ago

Delightful nature shop with great selection of bird feeders, seed, and gifts. The owner Martha is very knowledgeable and helpful and we enjoyed talking with her about our feeders and birds. We bought her special Martha’s mix seed and will be back for more.

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