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Midland Website Designer

Midland Website Designer

I build lead generating websites for local businesses in Midland, MI so they can connect with the community more than ever before.

Get a local website with the power of Midland Local

In today’s digital age, a website isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. And who better to craft your online presence than someone who truly understands the essence of your community? At Midland Local, we don’t just build websites; we create digital bridges that connect local businesses directly with the heartbeats of their communities. Enjoy the unique advantage of a website designed with a local touch, complemented by our signature blend of business visibility, networking, and community support. Step into the digital realm with a site that resonates with your neighbors, all while enjoying fun deals and championing the local spirit. Let the community see you, know you, and support you through a Midland Local-powered website.

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Jump in and be part of something bigger! With over 150 local businesses already thriving with Midland Local, our community is growing fast. Every month, we see over 5,000 views from people eager to support and connect locally. Join us and let your business be the next big thing in town, backed by impressive numbers and a community that cares. Get your website up and let’s grow together!
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Your Best Worker

Think of a website as your most dedicated employee, working around the clock, always ready to showcase your business and attract new customers. For a fraction of the usual price, you can now secure this tireless worker, presenting the best of what you offer to a wider audience. With our special offer, you’re not just getting a website; you’re investing in a powerful tool tailored for your business, one that never takes a day off and consistently brings value. Seize this limited-time opportunity and let your digital employee elevate your local presence.

Get a local website for your business
For less than a weekly Date Night!

For less than $40 per week, you’re able to access a wealth of local leads, open the door to new business opportunities, establish a trusted local reputation, forge powerful partnerships and networks, and reach thousands of potential customers with an effective local website. 

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Midland Local Partner PLUS low cost

Bonuses You Get with Midland Local Websites

Free Hosting for your first year

(Usually $360/ Year)

Free Google Business Profile Setup/Optimization

(Usually $500)

Free Midland Local Partner PLUS!

Usually $500/ Year

  • Showcase your business on the Midland Local Businesses Guide where thousands of visitors are each month

  • Highlight your reviews, link your website to generate more traffic, and show your location and directions

  • Midland Local window sticker and website banner to showcase you're connecting with the community

  • Highlighted on Midland Local's social media

  • Participate in a Spotlight Giveaway in the year to highlight your business to thousands of Midland Locals

  • Everything as a Partner, PLUS the following:

  • Partner PLUS Welcome Packet

  • Have an upgraded Midland Local Business Page with more business information and local visibility

  • Get verified as a trusted organization and highlighted on The Most Trusted Businesses In Midland, MI

  • More chances to get in front of the Midland people with six Spotlight Giveaways throughout the year and premium placements on and social media postings

  • Strategically choose which week of the year your Spotlight Giveaways will be

  • Have links directly to your business website and information on our Spotlight Giveaways

  • Get access to the full list of entries for your Spotlight Giveaway so you can send a special offer afterwards and get them in your door!

  • Have access to The Midland Local Circle - an online network of trusted business and organization leaders

  • Special pricing for Land Local Leads services

  • Able to participate in the Midland Local Referral Program and receive $100 for every Partner PLUS you refer

Looking for more?

Dive deeper into the realm of local marketing with our Premium Partner, Land Local Leads. While a great website is the foundation of your online presence, there’s so much more you can do to maximize visibility and customer engagement. Land Local Leads specializes in harnessing advanced strategies to drive more traffic to your site, convert visitors into loyal clients, and elevate your brand in the local scene. Whether it’s search engine optimization, targeted advertising, or content marketing, they’ve got the expertise to supercharge your online efforts. Interested in exploring the full spectrum of services? Let’s delve into the possibilities together.

Land Local Leads

Website Design and Management​

Reputation Management​

Google Business Profile Management

Local SEO​

Social Media Marketing​

Google Local Service Ads​

Online Directories

Email Marketing​

Analytics and Reporting​

What being a Midland Local Partner Means

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