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Lucrative Movement

Lucrative Movement

4702 James Savage Road Midland, MI 48642

Lucrative Movement is a therapeutic practice designed to aid individuals in achieving positive changes in their movement, thinking, and emotional well-being through neuroplasticity. They offer personalized approaches using nine key elements combined with gentle touch and movement techniques.

This method is particularly beneficial for rehabilitation from brain injuries, strokes, surgeries, and accidents, and is also effective for sports enthusiasts, the elderly, and children with special needs, promoting recovery and enhancing life quality without stress or pain.

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Jodi Levely

We are so thankful for Laura! She has been working with my son for a few months now. We made appointments in hopes to see a bit of improvement from a year-old back injury stemming from a sport injury. What we received was measurable benefits where his back, posture, and sleep has greatly improved from the very first sessions. I love seeing his progress grow with Laura each session, she is so attentive and wonderful with him. Traditional physical therapy did not work for him. He toughed out multiple sessions per week for many months, with no tangible improvements. It was getting harder and harder for me to convince him to go to PT. With Lucrative Movement, he can feel the difference. He is always so excited to go see Mrs. Laura!

Christine Ulmer

This work/therapy, Lucrative movement , has been physically life changing for me.... good posture was uncomfortable until after a couple treatments, then I experienced less and less pain and over time the poor posture reorganized and my body could relax. I feel more solid, stable and comfortable with each session. I have experienced many types of therapies including CST, massage , PT and Tai Chi practice . All of which are beneficial but within my lifestyle I have found this work with Laura has been the most effective and long lasting . This work was also instrumental in my 97 year old mother going from bedridden for six months to walking again. I continue to make return visits for a tuneup... it puts a spring back in my step . So grateful

Jade Tonk

I had extreme back pain from having herniated and dislocated discs in my spine. On top of that, I had a pinched sciatic nerve on my right side. Between the two they had me almost immobile, weeping just walking to the bathroom. I was walking crooked and in extreme pain yet after having work done from Laura McCann, I slowly started to recover. The same situation happened again not quite as bad, but I was still walking crooked. I called her and requested another appointment and after that first appointment, I was walking straight. I still had pain, but it had allowed me to get to a point where I can move in a proper way, I would tell anyone in a heartbeat to go and experience the method she uses. She also listens to you and acknowledges that we know our body best when it comes to exactly how far to go. I’ve seen traditional physical therapists in the past, and they always push me to a point of pain. She has never done so, and I have seen far greater good from the outcomes of a session with Laura than any physical therapist appointment I’ve ever had.

Kate Barko

Life changing! This therapy is gold. I wish I had discovered it sooner. I was diagnosed with a neurological movement disorder. I attended physical therapy for 3 years with little neurological improvement. I met with Laura and experienced significant changes, relief, and measurable healing. I feel like I’m human again! Neuro plasticity is beautiful! Thank you Laura, you are a wonderful blessing!!

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