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Live Oak Coffeehouse

Live Oak Coffee House

711 Ashman St

Live Oak Coffee exists to build up communities, inspire individuals, strengthen relationships, and provide the best coffee and customer experience.

Live Oak roasts and serves coffee because we love people.

There is no substitute for coffee that has been fresh roasted with skill and care. That’s why started our own in-house roasting operation. We source the highest quality flavorful green coffee and use it to create the drinks our customers deserve.

We work our hardest to create drinks you’ll love. We take care to make our own syrups and sauces, with less sugar and more flavor. We carry a growing list of alternative milks and ingredients that make our coffee, lattes, smoothies and more, stand out from the crowd.



Holiday Inn in close to all of the shopping in Midland. If family or friends are coming into town and need to get anything, it's all close by.

Style And Cleanliness

We love the look of this hotel in Midland. When the lights are on, it looks amazing. They also keep it very clean and professional at all times.

Big E's Sports Grill

This great sports grill is attached to Holiday Inn and has amazing burgers, tator-tots, and much more.

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Google Reviews

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Meeta Garg

3 months ago

Cozy and cute. There should be more coffee shops like this one. Soothing lighting and atmosphere. The prices are also decent.

Ben Vroman

2 months ago

From Arizona and have lots of coffee places. Came to midland to see friends and was amazingly surprised at how amazing the coffee was here!

Madeline S

3 months ago

Waited over 15 minutes for a black coffee and a tea latte. They served 2+ groups behind me. I only got my coffee because I had to ask. They were making someone else’s drip coffee before mine. Saginaw location has much better customer service. Vibe inside is great otherwise, but will probably go to another coffee shop in Midland when in the area.

Roni Heyman

2 years ago

This coffeehouse is tranquility personified. I walked in having never been to Michigan before and felt completely at home. From the friendly baristas to the menu, not to mention the cozy but spacious working area, this is the absolute perfect place to have a cup of coffee. I had a fabulous cortado and bought a bag of coffee to take home with me 🙂 truly an oasis for the weary traveler.

Lonni Gilmore

2 years ago

Awesome little coffee shop with cozy vibes! Great for studying or just a place to relax with a wonderful beverage, treat or snack! I ordered a few different beverages to try out their options. I personally enjoy the Green Matcha Frappe for tea. The Mocha Frappe (With oatmilk & vanilla shot). The black iced coffee. The cookies are amazing!! Muffins are great as well! Definitely a shop I would recommend and keep coming back too. Always friendly here too! They will customize your orders to meet your satisfaction! If you need that morning coffee, definitely give Live Oak Coffee shop a try!

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