March 24th - March 31 (or until all 10 eggs are found)

Join the Midland Local Golden Egg Hunt 2024!

The Midland Local Golden Egg Hunt – 2024 is the fun way to discover Midland with friends and family. Grab a friend and start driving and walking around town in order to find where these 10 Golden Eggs might be!

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The Hunt Is Happening Now!

$1,000 in Prizes Around Midland!

Starting March 24th, follow the steps below and have a chance to win $100 around town.

Follow this page and the Midland Local Facebook Page for more information between now and March 31st.

Find one of the 10 eggs that are hidden around Midland County and follow the steps inside it. (Eggs are hidden by March 24th at noon.)

Each of the 10 eggs has a way to get a $100 Visa Gift Card (to use at your favorite local business, of course!) Only one winner per household.

Event Details:

Embark on a Midland Adventure:

  • It’s More Than Just a Hunt: Picture this – a beautiful morning in March, you, your friends, and neighbors are all out and about in Midland, looking for hidden golden eggs. It’s not just a game; it’s an adventure right here in our town.
  • Be a Community Hero: As you explore Midland’s hidden nooks and parks, remember each egg you find is not just a victory for you but a win for our local shops too. It’s a great way to bring us all together, having fun and supporting our town.
Midland Local Spotlight Giveaway

Prizes That Give Back:

  • Find Eggs, Win Cash: Inside every golden egg, there’s a $100 gift card waiting for you. We encourage you to use it at local stores to help our community thrive.
  • Get Exclusive Gear: Finding an egg also gets you a special T-shirt that says ‘Midland Local Golden Egg Trailblazer – 2024.’ It’s a cool way to show off your egg-hunting skills and remember the fun times.
  • Fun With Friends & Family: Whether you’re here for the thrill of the hunt or just to enjoy a day out with loved ones, the Golden Egg Hunt is perfect. Get everyone together and make some amazing memories right here in Midland.

The Rules:

Simple Version:

One prize per household, finders keepers, respect property, and let’s all play nice!

Full list of rules:

  • One Prize Per Household: There’s enough golden glow for everyone—only one winner per household to keep things fair and fun!
  • Egg-sclusive QR Encounter: Find an egg? Great! Scan the QR Code and follow the directions. You can snap a pic and send it our way, or better yet, show us in person for a high-five and your $100 Visa Gift Card!
  • Egg & Bounty: It’s not just about the egg—it’s what’s inside that counts too. Make sure to collect both the egg and the surprise inside to verify and claim your win.
  • Egg-stra Locations: We’re spreading the joy all over town. Throughout the hunt, I’ll place 10 eggs around Midland. Whether they’re nestled in the city or hidden in the county, it’s all part of the fun!
  • Play Nice: We’re all friends here in Midland! If you happen upon an egg at the same time as another hunter, remember, we’re not in the ring—no scraps or fisticuffs, please. Let’s keep it cordial.
  • Keep everything as you found it: No property needs to be damaged or destroyed ini order to find an egg. If you move something, put it back where it came from. Overall, be respectful of property and people and we’ll be fine.
  • Found One? Follow the simple steps in the egg: When you find an egg, open it and follow the steps! We’ll get a notification right away and I”ll come and give you your $100 Visa Gift Card.  Then we can share your discovery in the way that makes you dance the happiest jig! 

Remember, these rules are in place to ensure that the Golden Egg Hunt is enjoyable for everyone involved. Keep the spirit of fun alive, and let the best hunters win! Happy hunting, Midland Locals!

Stay Tuned


  1. “Through portals of pixels, the hunt proceeds, Beyond the home of news and deeds. Seek where the virtual and real align, A golden secret in the code does shine.”
  2. “Where journeys begin without a step, and adventures are found with a click and a rep. Search where passports gather and lie. Amidst stamps of virtual visits and views, the golden secret awaits, leaving subtle cues.”
  • Tri-City Deals n Steals first clue can be gathered in their business at 2574 W Midland Rd, Midland, MI 48642
  1. “Beneath the gaze of wisdom’s vast array, in quietude, a golden secret does stay.”
  2. “Arm yourself with information, a quest with no regret, through stacks and knowledge vast, an Easter secret’s set. Just use the alphabet, where wisdom’s path is met.”
  3. “Among tales and tomes, a festive thread is spun, near words that celebrate the springtime sun. Seek where Easter’s treasury is neatly bound, there, by celebration’s lore, the secret is found.”


  • “Where joy resounds in echoes of play, look where shadows dance at the end of the day. Near it’s towering form, a beacon by day and by night, holds a secret, hidden from sight.”
  1. Clue given in our Facebook Live video on the morning of March 25.
  1. “Where footsteps echo past unseen eyes, the golden secret quietly lies.”
  2. “Just steps from solitude, the world awakes, into the hustle where the ordinary takes. Amid calm’s brief stay, the egg hides where day blends into the fray.”
  • “Where nature whispers and sands blend with the floor, a treasure lies hidden, just explore. Near the echo of laughter and the shelter of trees, the secret awaits, carried by the breeze.”
  • Clue given in our Facebook Live video on the morning of March 25.

Egg #9 - Sponsored By Patriot Property Maintenance of Midland - This egg has been found!

  • Emailed to our exclusive email list – “When your heart is in the things you do Your strength shows through the cracks. You read the signs and follow clues Grab a good book and relax.”
  • Watch the Midland Local Facebook Page for our live video starting Sunday, March 24th at noon for the first egg clue.

Find Your Next Favorite Local Business

Our Golden Egg Sponsors

At Midland Local, we believe that strong communities are built on the success and connections to our local businesses. Our sponsors showcase some the best businesses that our community has to offer.

Land Local Leads

Land Local Leads

Streamline Operations, Strengthen Connections.

Land Local Leads is here to help streamline operations and strengthen connections for local service businesses. If you want to make running a local service business easier and more profitable, Land Local Leads is who you want to talk to.

The digital egg was on

Tri-City Deals n Steals

Deals n Steals

Tri-City Deals N Steals is a cherished local business, founded on a passion for delivering significant savings to the community. This family-operated store specializes in offering overstock, returns, and shelf-pulled products sourced from major retail and online stores. 

This egg was behind the Dow Gardens sign in front of the building

Boomerang Coffee Lounge

Boomerang Coffee, located in Midland, offers a unique blend of high-quality coffee and community spirit. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and a commitment to sustainability, the café sources ethically produced coffee beans to craft a wide range of beverages.

This egg was behind "Treasury of Easter Celebrations" in the library.

Kirkland Property Solutions

Reliability, Communication, and Professionalism are what make Kirkland Property Solutions the place to go when you need results you’re proud of. Completing everything from interior jobs like full kitchen, bath, and bedroom remodels to exterior jobs such as full siding replacement, and exterior remodeling, you won’t find anything that stops Brendan and his crew.

This egg was at the base of the water tower near Plymouth Park.

Midland Monuments

Midland Monuments

At Midland Monuments, we value your individuality and recognize that each memorial should be a reflection of your loved one’s life. Our team possesses extensive product knowledge to help you make informed decisions during the selection process. We understand that budgets vary, and we strive to work with everyone, offering options ranging from single stones to customized walk-in designs.

The egg was at the base of a tree in Virginia Park

Young Fitness, Midland, MI

Young Fitness

Young Fitness, led by Heather, a certified personal trainer, is all about inspiring everyday people to achieve their fitness goals. The heart of their approach is simple: fitness isn’t just for the fit; it’s for everyone, and it can be fun and achievable. This idea comes from the founder’s own changes in her fitness journey. Heather realized that exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore, and now she’s dedicated to helping others feel the same way.

This egg was in locker number 6 in the Midland Mall closest to Planet Fitness

Code Breakers Escape Rooms / Raven Axe Throwing

Codebreakers Escape Rooms/Raven Axe Throwing

Codebreakers Escape Rooms/Raven Axe Throwing in Midland offers an exciting experience with various escape rooms and axe throwing activities. Their escape rooms, like Arklay Manor and Meltdown, offer themed adventures suitable for different age groups. The axe throwing experience is unique, featuring game projection targets and black light lanes for glow-in-the-dark games, with a variety of throwing tools like knives, cards, and stars.

This egg was in Stratford Park near the Bike Track

Center City Studio

Center City Studio, located in Midland, MI, offers yoga and gentle movement classes aimed at enhancing bodily freedom in everyday activities and workouts. Their approach supports mental health, fosters joy, and promotes a sense of belonging. Classes are diverse, including prenatal yoga, and are structured to benefit participants at various fitness levels. The studio emphasizes the impact of movement on quality of life and mental well-being.

This egg was at the base of the flag pole near the main building at the Soccer Club

Patriot Property Maintenance of Midland

Patriot Property Maintenance of Midland

Patriot Property Maintenance of Midland is a service-focused company offering comprehensive property upkeep solutions. Their brand resonates with American values, with a strong commitment to excellence and reliability. They cater to a broad clientele, ensuring properties remain in top condition. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, their team is equipped to handle a variety of tasks with precision and dedication. Email: [email protected]

This egg was in the free library near the Sanford Park entrance.

Simple Wooden Toy Co

Simple Wooden Toy Co

I am dedicated to providing high-quality wooden toys that will stand the test of time. These toys are handmade using only the finest materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. I believe in the timeless value of wooden toys and strive to create products that will be cherished for years to come. Whether for imaginative play or educational purposes, our wooden toys are the perfect choice for kids of all ages.

This egg was across the Tridge under the statue's foot.

Sponsoring our Bonus Egg, Innovative Exteriors, Inc. in Midland, Michigan, stands as a premier flat roofing contractor with over 20 years of expertise. They excel in offering a comprehensive range of Duro-Last® roofing systems, known for their high quality and durability. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their provision of both residential and commercial flat roofing services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

This egg was carried by me the entire time after it came into play.

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Land Local Leads is here to help streamline operations and strengthen connections for local service businesses. If you want to make running a local service business easier and more profitable, reach out to them today.

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Platinum House Llc      |     Coles Clean Up L.L.C      |     

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At Midland Local, we believe that strong communities are built on the success and connections to our local businesses. Our sponsors showcase some the best businesses that our community has to offer.

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