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With over 8,000 local participants last event, we're aiming to double that!

Boost Your Business with Midland Local Coins of Summer

Midland Local Summer Coins is an exciting initiative designed to bring the community together, drive traffic to local businesses, and create a vibrant, interconnected economy. As a local business owner, you have a unique opportunity to participate and benefit from this event. Here’s how it works and how you can get involved.

How it works

1. We have thousands of these Midland Local Gold Coins...

People in the Midland community will be able to win these, find these, collect them, etc. over the next month and a half.

2. We need local businesses like yours to sponsor coins

Local business sponsors are able to put 5 or 10 coins out into the community and have their business showcased in many ways (see more below).

3. Once a coin is collected, it is scanned

With a QR Code on every coin, anyone is able to scan it with their phone and go to the main Coins of Summer page with all Sponsors and Participating Businesses.

4. People with coins go to participating businesses

Community members can collect as many coins as possible and then take them into participating businesses to spend at $20 per coin.

5. businesses like yours should participate and accept coins

Participating local businesses are added to the list on the main Coins of Summer page so community members can see where to spend their newly earned local money. You're getting more business for free...

6. I'll exchange coins for $20 every 2 weeks:

I get a notification right away that your business has received a gold coin. I will go to your business within 2-weeks of this to exchange each coin for $20. I must get the full coin back for this exchange.

What you get as a Sponsor

5-10 sponsored coins

Choose if you want to have 5 or 10 coins that we'll put into the community for people to use with local businesses. We'll let everyone know that you are putting these out into the community.

Highlighted on the website

Everything that we put out in the next couple of months, including every one of the 250 to 500 coins made, will include a link to this website page that has your business featured.

Multiple Social Shoutouts!

Midland loves seeing who is giving back to the community. Each time someone spends a coin, we'll announce it, with your business information, on our social media pages.

What you get as a Participating Business - FREE

More Customers

We've created our own local money to only be used at participating businesses in Midland. Every $20 coin has a QR code that takes them to the page with all sponsoring businesses on it. We want you on that list.

Local Visibility

People tell us all the time that they were able to find a new favorite business in town because they discovered it on Midland Local. Let us show you off to the community on our interactive map.

Social Media

We'll make sure the community can see this list of participating businesses using social media posts throughout the length of the event.

Types of Business Participation

There are two main ways for businesses to get involved in the Midland Local Summer Coins event: Participating Businesses and Sponsoring Businesses.

Participating Businesses

As a Participating Business, you agree to accept gold coins as a $20 payment. This will drive customers to your location, eager to spend their found treasure. You will give change as needed and I will exchange any coins for a $20 bill to reimburse your business.


  • Increased customer visits
  • Inclusion in the list of participating businesses on our website
  • Promotion through our social media channels

How to Become a Participating Business:

Sponsoring Businesses

As a Sponsoring Business, you take your involvement a step further. For a $250 sponsorship, you put five Gold Coins of Summer (each worth $20) to be found or won in the community. Additionally, you’ll have the option to receive five more coins to distribute at your discretion.


  • Featured listing on our website as a sponsor
  • Social media promotion every time a coin is spent at a local business
  • Exclusive promotional opportunities highlighting your business as a key supporter of the event
  • For $250 more – Get 5 additional coins to give out to customers or use in your own promotions!

How to Become a Sponsoring Business:

How to Get Involved

1. Choose Your Involvement

Decide whether you want to be a Participating Business or Sponsoring Business OR BOTH!

2. Sign Up

Fill out the form at the top of this page in order to be put on the list and join the fun.

3. Prepare Your Business

Print and display the paper showing that you're accepting the Gold Coins of Summer and supporting FUN.

4. Engage with the Community:

Promote your participation in the event through your own marketing channels and engage with customers who come in to redeem their coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Midland Local Summer Coins?

These are special gold coins hidden around Midland and able to be won, each worth $20 at participating businesses.

How does accepting gold coins benefit my business?

Accepting gold coins increases customer traffic, enhances community engagement, and provides free promotion through our marketing efforts.

What do I need to do to become a Participating Business?

Simply sign up on our website with the form here. We’ll let people know you are a place to go. You can also display the sign we’ll email you to let customers know you accept the coins.

What additional benefits do Sponsoring Businesses receive?

Sponsoring Businesses get five $20 coins to their name that will be hidden or won in the community, a premium sponsor spot on our Gold Coins of Summer website page, and social media promotions including every time your sponsored coin is used in town!

Sponsoring businesses also have the option to purchase an additional FIVE coins to get themselves and use them however they like.

How can I maximize the benefits of participating?

Promote your involvement in the event through your social media channels, email newsletters, and in-store displays to attract more customers.

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