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Frank N Bones

Frank N Bones

2977 Oaklawn park, Saginaw MI 48603
Frank N Bones

Frank-N-Bones is a food truck based in Huron County, Michigan. Launched by a local couple, it specializes in serving unique hotdogs and smash burgers. Their offerings stand out for their creative and delicious twists on classic comfort foods, making them a popular choice in the community. The food truck is not only a culinary venture but also a manifestation of the owners' passion for food and community engagement. Frank-N-Bones frequently participates in local events and gatherings, contributing to the vibrant local food scene. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Frank-N-Bones has quickly become a beloved fixture in Huron County.

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Liz Eveleth

The burgers and sauce were delicious and amazing!!! fries were crisp and perfect as well

Armeshia Jemerison

Customer service was amazing and the food was great. I had the loaded fries and give you a lot but worth it

Scott Parker

Smashed the food. Everything was great. Great service great food

Anastacio J.

sSlit the burger and a hot dog eith a friend to try them both. You won't be disappointed. The coney sauce is great and the burger is plentiful. Add bacon and cheese to the fries for an upgrade. Would Def. try again!

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