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Creation Coffee

Creation Coffee

5023 Eastman Ave

With their mission to create exceptional coffee, meaningful relationships with their partners, and a better world. This mission is the reason they exclusively source specialty grade, sustainably grown, and responsibly sourced coffees. It’s the reason they roast everything with meticulous precision and care. And it’s the reason they provide unmatched support to all their coffee partners and customers.




Holiday Inn in close to all of the shopping in Midland. If family or friends are coming into town and need to get anything, it's all close by.

Style And Cleanliness

We love the look of this hotel in Midland. When the lights are on, it looks amazing. They also keep it very clean and professional at all times.

Big E's Sports Grill

This great sports grill is attached to Holiday Inn and has amazing burgers, tator-tots, and much more.

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Google Reviews

(399 reviews)

Jake Theis

4 months ago

Fivesure recommend! Great coffee options that are delicious! Perfect place if you enjoy good coffee.

James Murray

2 months ago

Really love this spot, wonderful Nitro Brew and chorizo breakfast Burrito

Jeff Coates

2 months ago

My wife loves the espresso grounds for our at home machine. I’m a crazy person and don’t drink coffee so I get to enjoy the best hot chocolate in town when I go in. Pastries can be very delicious. They also care about the city and neighboring businesses.

Dark One

2 years ago

When art is coffee this place does what every coffee lover wants and boy do they go above and beyond best coffee I've had in a very long time! So good I highly recommend to stop by and relax with some delicious fresh coffee.

It's a quick stop in coffee shop. The people were friendly and I'd definitely go back again. I can't say anything truly negative about the place. It wasn't somewhere I'd sit and drink my coffee but it's a great in and out place.

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