Code Breakers Escape Rooms / Raven Axe Throwing

Code Breakers Escape Rooms / Raven Axe Throwing

Code Breakers Escape Rooms / Raven Axe Throwing

4422 N Saginaw Rd, Midland, MI 48640

Business Birthday πŸŽ‰: 11/17/2016

Code Breakers Escape Rooms / Raven Axe Throwing

Code Breakers in Midland offers an exciting experience with various escape rooms and axe throwing activities. Their escape rooms, like Arklay Manor and Meltdown, offer themed adventures suitable for different age groups. The axe throwing experience is unique, featuring game projection targets and black light lanes for glow-in-the-dark games, with a variety of throwing tools like knives, cards, and stars.

They cater to team building, family outings, or unique date ideas, with flexibility in booking and accommodating various group sizes. Located at 4422 North Saginaw Road, Midland, MI, they promise a memorable and thrilling experience for all visitors.

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Len Svanberg
We own an escape room and we think Code Breakers is fantastic. The owner designs πŸ’―% original rooms that you won’t see anywhere else! We have played both rooms that are open and are patiently waiting for the third. It will be worth the wait. We’re only an hour north so it’s well worth the drive too. We should play the first room about time travel again cuz we failed and it has been a while. The other one we barely made it out! I think he was generous with the timer βŒ›β³. Also they have Two Spacious Unisex Bathrooms that were clean when I went in, and clean when I went out. There’s lots of good restaurants in Midland to have a bite when you are done playing too. Thanks, Lenny and Michelle

Eyeless Jack
Absolutely loved the escape room we did, we did true crime! ended the night playing pool with an employee, said employee was an amazing host. 10/10 would recommend, going back to finish the escape room.

Daniella Miranda
We had a great time in the Weird room. Lost of great puzzles, very well thought. Our master 😎 gave us some valuable tips to help us escape within time.
Definitely recommended for 1 hour of fun and teamwork.

T. Webber
Great escape room experience, took a chance after seeing a video of the Manor room on facebook! me and my friends were not disappointed. Very spooky atmosphere in the room, will be back.

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