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Brick's Painting

Brick’s Painting

Brick’s Painting

Brick's Painting

Brick's Painting, a dedicated local painting business, is ran by Nicholas who has been mastering the art of transformation for 12 years. Specializing in repaints, they bring new life into spaces with meticulous attention to detail. The process begins with a personalized estimate, followed by a transformative painting experience, including power washing and exterior work when required.

As a small business, Brick's Painting prides itself on maintaining fair and competitive pricing, ensuring quality doesn't break the bank. The heart of their service lies in building strong, one-on-one connections with clients, fostering a sense of community through personal interactions and valued referrals. This approach not only enriches customer relationships but also allows for a more attentive, personalized service. By choosing Brick's Painting, clients not only receive a fresh coat of paint but also a commitment to excellence and community values.

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Joe Fernette (Midland Local)

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Nicholas, the dedicated owner of Brick's Painting. The interaction alone was enough to assure me of the exceptional quality and commitment this business upholds. Nicholas's passion for his work and his earnest respect for customers shine through in every word. His determination to make the business thrive while maintaining fair pricing and fostering genuine connections is truly commendable. It's clear that Brick's Painting isn't just about revamping spaces; it's about building a trustworthy and collaborative community. Nicholas's professionalism and attentive approach in our conversation reflect the core values of his business. Based on this experience, I am confident that Brick's Painting delivers not just a service, but a personalized and respectful experience, ensuring that every client feels valued and satisfied.

Rebecca Dufault

Nick painted my entire home interior. I was very very pleased with the outcome. Professional and talented.

Char Helmke

Nick has done many rooms in our house. He has scraped popcorn ceilings and they look great! The last job he did was paint our kitchen cabinet doors. Would recommend him to anyone!! Wish we had pictures of before.

Lynne Dryer

I highly recommend Bricks Painting. I’ve use them three times myself plus our condo association has used Bricks. Four of my friends have also used bricks and we’re extremely happy with their work. This company is trustworthy, friendly, and reliable does excellent work at a reasonable price.

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