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Ascension* Senta’s Spirit + Mind + Body Studio

Ascension* Senta’s Spirit + Mind + Body Studio

321 E Wackerly St, Midland, MI 48640

Ascension - Senta's Spirit + Mind + Body Studio stands out in the realm of holistic wellness. This unique studio transcends the ordinary, offering holistic massage and energy work deeply rooted in ancestral traditions. The essence of the studio's services lies in time-honored massage and body work rituals, passed down through generations, ensuring a deeply authentic and nurturing experience. Ascension doesn’t provide your average 60-minute massage; it delves deeper into the realm of holistic practices, perfectly blending rituals with wellness.

Each session is tailored to the individual, focusing not just on physical relief but also on emotional healing. This makes Ascension an ideal choice for those grappling with both physical and emotional issues. The studio's approach to health and well-being is comprehensive, aiming to harmonize the spirit, mind, and body. In this sanctuary, clients discover a unique journey towards healing and balance, guided by experienced hands that have nurtured this art for generations.

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Pierson Joseph

I recently experienced a profound session with Senta that combined shamanic craniosacral therapy and massage fusion. Senta's expertise and intuitive approach guided me through a transformative healing journey. Her mastery in merging these modalities created a holistic experience that touched my mind, body, and spirit. The session left me feeling rejuvenated, centered, and empowered. I highly recommend Senta to anyone seeking deep healing and a profound connection with themselves!!

Melissa Schalk

I had the best massage of my life from Senta and I have been to many massage therapists. I highly recommend her to anybody and everybody!

Ellynn Magee

The word healer does not even begin to explain Senta. She truly links with her clients about what their body is saying and needing. I encourage anyone to visit her. She is a level above the rest!

Bridget Meyer

Senta is amazing! Every massage/craniosacral treatment I have, I walk out feeling 10x better.

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