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Antonio’s Bar and Grill

Antonio’s Bar and Grill

1716 W Wackerly Midland

The newest Bar and Grill of Midland, MI. Located at 1716 W Wackerly St off of the freeway, we are excited to serve you and your family! We offer a variety of alcohol options and a menu large enough for everyone to find something they enjoy.

Tuesday through Saturday we are open from 11 AM to 9 PM, Sundays we are open 8 AM to 3 PM, closed on Monday.

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Google Reviews

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amy vitello

4 months ago

So very sad . This place has great service , and is a lovely remodeled space. I’ve had the Walleye and the fish sandwich, which were perfect. This time I ordered the Balsamic Salmon. It was overcooked to the point where it was crispy on the exterior, & dry as a bone on the inside. I returned it. The chef said they would not remake it. So I left hungry. Paid 1/2 price meaning $11 for a tiny cup of average Cole slaw and the thinnest pea soup I’ve seen in all my 54 years. I can’t be bothered to come back to a restaurant that won’t stand by their product. Shame I really had liked this place and went every other month.

Seth E

2 months ago

Been a couple of times for breakfast and dinner. Everyone was happy with their food on all visits. Presentation isn’t anything fancy, but that’s not what this is. Staff has been super friendly every time which goes a long way for me. I’ve gotten a very “welcome to our kitchen” sort of feel. First time I think the owners mom was the hostess; that kind of place.

Richard Mcdaniel

3 weeks ago

Great homestyle cooking at a fair price. Service is always fast and friendly! Definitely recommend for some good eats and drinks

Kimberly Johnson

a week ago

My meal was good except my shrimp were cold. Husbands meals were both bad first one gravy had no flavor and sandwich was swimming in juices making it soggy. The restaurant is very clean an friendly service was great. Really had an enjoyable time except for the few bad things French onion soup was good.

Clint Stewart

2 months ago

The manager is TERRIBLE refusing communication with deaf customers. I’m deaf customer I went there once a week I never see that manager or server before. We have no problems until tonight they bring me bad taste of concout shrimp so I request replace to bread shrimp end up they bring me burnt shrimps I refused eat and they try force me take it to home and pay for it which I refused take to home and being enforce to pay the meal that I didn’t eat that meal Update: manager name Ashley and I did discussed about it and solve problem but part of food I hope credit next order when I come in since I don’t eat that meal due burnt Ashley can see the photo it cost me 20.00 which I don’t eat that meal that night. And I’m appeircate it. Ashley, it was posted pervious we discussed on phone. So I updated it. One day I will come in

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