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Alex’s Railside Restaurant

Alex’s Railside Restaurant

6800 Eastman Avenue Suite E500

Alex's Railside Restaurant, located at 6800 Eastman Avenue Suite E500 in Midland, MI, offers a warm and inviting dining experience with a focus on comfort food and American classics. Known for its friendly service and cozy atmosphere, the restaurant serves a variety of dishes including breakfast specials, hearty lunches, and classic dinners like fried potatoes and cod. The establishment prides itself on affordable prices and a welcoming environment, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. It's open Tuesday through Sunday, providing a great spot for a casual meal any day of the week except Monday​​. For more details, visit Alex's Railside Restaurant.

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Jeff Buckland

Alex's Railside is located inside the Midland Mall, Midland Michigan. The soup and salad bar is $6 but if you burgers or wraps add the salad bar to your meal then cost is half price at $3. Rather nice place to eat and will definitely be back soon. Can get rather pricey so that's the only bad thing. I had the 🀠 cowboy burger which had a πŸ₯¨ bun lettuce BBQ sauce onion ring bacon πŸ₯“ and Swiss cheese with fries.

Karin Klawender

Great food. Great service. Prices good for amount of food. Well worth the visit. I'll be back

Buddo Hood

The mood is set from when you step into the room! Everyone that works here seems to LOVE it and makes it so welcoming and enjoyable!! Great options, great recommondations by the server...We are told that the Liver & Onions are the #1 Seller! We didnt order that, but what we did get was just as amazing and the liver is suppose to be! Plus, they have a delicious Salar and Soup Bar! We definately recommend this place for parties of any size! Family and kid friendly. Keep up the good job y'all....We'll be back! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Justin Ferullo

Took my wife out for a lunch date the restaurant was clean, and the salad bar was good. They were slightly busy as you would expect. The waitress recommended the Pollock Dinner special, and it was fantastic. All and all an excellent experience. It was our first time there and will be back.

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