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Happy New Year! I’m excited to share everything Midland Local has coming in 2023.

We are planning tons of giveaways and local specials thanks to the awesome local businesses we have here!

We are also going to be pushing hard for more Midland Local Partners and our NEW Partner PLUS!

We’ll be sharing more information in the next few weeks about everything, so stay tuned.

upcoming giveaways

Keep up with the giveaways happening on MidlandLocal.com and MidlandLocal.com/win!

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New Midland Local Partner PLUS Businesses

These local businesses have proved their trust and work hard to be here to be in front of you!

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New Midland Local Partners

These businesses have partnered with Midland Local. View them all in our directory using the menu at the top of this page.

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Midland Local Exclusive Offers

These businesses have partnered with Midland Local and offer exclusive specials. Click here to view all specials.

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